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Switch to HQ Mould for Premium Quality Automotive Moulded Parts
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Automobile industry is steadily rising, with more manufacturers coming up. Hence the automotive moulding industry is catching up as well. HQ Mould is one of the leading manufacturing firms dealing in the fabrication of specialised automotive moulded parts for meeting varied needs of clientele. The products are moulded with state of the art injection moulding or extrusion moulding process. Such unit processes need high precision and planning systems.

automotive parts moulding

The processes in a standardised automotive parts moulding fabrication process at HQ Mould are,

1. Initial sample inspection report: At this step, experts check if the raw materials conform to required parameters.
2. Development of Control Plan: A control plan is designed wherein methods and client specific needs are specified. The steps as to how the process is too controlled to meet product specifications are provided.
3. Failure Analysis: In this step, the causes and effects of each failure factor is given. It also covers how that issue is to be resolved.
4. Gage R & R: It is the final step wherein an estimate is provided through repeatability and reproducibility of unit tasks.

Apart from product quality, HQ Mould emphasises on reliability. The experts take care to supply products at a consistent rate with focus on performance standards. There is focus on the understanding of design specifications during each step of the manufacturing process. The quality assurance team ensures that every requirement is complied with during a production run, so that the output is of the best quality. The moulded products are fabricated to perfection with features like resilience and durability.

Auto Parts Mould Experts Perform Research to Derive Injection Mold Technique
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Injection mold technique has obtained its wide applications among almost every industry and factory today.  A common reason for this is that a large number of polymer automotive components and automotive plastic components, test bars and lacquer plates demand thorough processing based on the necessary installations of injection mould test. Experts of HQMould thus perform research work for injection mould technique for various automatic plastic products and related compounds applicable to different components and auto parts.

Auto Parts Mould

Components Designed via Injection Mold

Until now, industries associated with Auto Parts Mould have designed a variety of vehicle components by using injection mold. These include

  • Components of the instrumental panel
  • Interior bezels
  • Acrylic lens
  • Shifter knobs and other similar assemblies
  • Keyless entry type of housings
  • Back lighting controls and connected buttons
  • Cushions and pads
  • Insert molded type of spacer blocks
  • Components of door handle
  • Sunroof assemblies and components
  • DVD housings

The perfect combination of various facilities related to injection mold, along with expertise and test gives relevant and accurate data support procedures, including research and development for clients. Production procedure involves determination of mold shrinkage, spiral flow determination, PVT measurements and 3D measurements.

Installation of injection mold test has varieties of molds and is useful for mold research and screw research. This gives possibilities to use a mold or a screw from various customers. Because of this, good companies apply expertise in performing both mechanical and physical testing for plastics and automotive polymers under a variety of test conditions, while at the same time, perform weather test and pilot plant installation to design injection mold for auto components.

Why A Car Manufacturer Needs The Help Of Automotive Parts Moulding Company?
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The automobile is the lifeblood of the modern society. Thus day by day the demand of the automobiles is growing in the market. But now people are more into buying lightweight vehicles that can give them more mileage and better performance. This is the reason now plastic is playing a greater role in making lightweight and fuel-efficient vehicles for the mass. Thus for an automobile manufacturer partnering with a moulding company is essential.









Partnering with the specialist of automotive parts moulding Company can certainly give the automobile company an upper hand and also help them to curb the cost of manufacturing their cars. But before selecting an automotive moulding company you must check a few things about the company.

  • Select only the company who have experience in making the exact auto parts that you are looking for. So that you don’t have to make him understand what exactly you are seeking.
  • The moulding company must have in-depth experience about the complex auto parts so that you can get the best products without any hassle.
  • Understanding the latest standards of the automobile industry and new regulations is also another thing that your moulding manufacturer should possess. So that you can help you to implement the latest trends in your auto parts.
  • Also, last but not the least when you have a good and expert automotive parts moulding partner then you can certainly improve the quality of the products easily, minimize the production cost and optimize the production process.

HQMould of China is one of the best companies in the industry and carved a name for them in making top quality automotive parts.

Why You Should Be Careful While Choosing an Automotive Parts Moulding Supplier
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Automotive manufacturing is a tough and precision requiring task and you cannot afford to make mistakes. This is the reason that you need to choose the best automotive parts moulding companies. If you are looking for such a company then you should conduct a search on the internet and you are sure to come up with the site of http://www.hqmould.com/. This website belongs to one of the best automotive parts moulds maker in not just China but the entire world. This company has been in the business of manufacturing moulds for different purposes for the past 40 years. At the same time, they not only supply these moulds in China but also to other countries.

Automotive Parts Moulding

The best part about this company is its stringent quality control system which is certified by ISO9001, 2008 certification. This company was founded in 1970 as a private company and is located in Taizhou, Huangyan which is also known as mould town because of the large number of mould making companies in it. It is a well developed town with good environment and transportation facilities. Apart from automotive parts they also supply moulds for home appliances, pipe and fittings etc. The company’s facility is spread across 12000 sq. meters and they have more than 30 mould manufacturing machines. They enjoy a high reputation not only in China but the entire world, due to their long list of happy customers. They are not satisfied with their current reputation and they aim to become the world’s best mould supplier based in China and they hope to serve the entire world.

Understanding the Important Aspects of Automotive Parts Moulding
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Are you spending sleepless nights, thinking about getting the best service provider in the automotive parts moulding sector? If the answer to the question is yes, then this blog will come to your rescue.

Understanding the concept

When discussing automotive parts moulding, you need to understand what it is. This is the most important part of the cars. It is also known as cover moulds. These moulds are used for injecting the plastic and creating the parts of the cars. With the advancements, which have been made in the moulding industry, associated with cars, the popularity of using these kinds of plastic injected moulds have increased with leaps and bounces.

Choosing the best of the rest

There are no extra points for guessing that the demand for these types of moulds has been on the rise. To keep pace with this, many service providers, associated with this industry, have come up. But how will you make sure that your investment is in sound hands? It is the responsibility of the customer to investigate a little about the reputation of the company, before sealing the deal.

If you still have doubts, then you can check out the official page of HQMOULD to gather more information about this. They are one of the top ranking companies and have been serving the needs of the people for many years. With the help of their quality products and services, they have been able to cement the position in the market. They will give you what you are looking for and eliminate all tensions from your life.

High Quality Auto Parts Mould
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Now finding a high quality plastic injection mould is no longer a hard task. All thanks to HQ MOULD one of the leading injection mould manufacturers. Located in Taizhou Huangyan, the firm specializes in manufacturing a wide range of plastic injection mould including Auto Parts Mould, pipe fitting mould, furniture mould, logistic mould, thin wall mould, household mould and much more.

HQMOULD has been providing high quality injection mould since 1970. Over the years the firm has offered its services to numerous industries. With the help of 30 advance mould manufacturing machines like milling machines, high speed CNCs, wire cutting machines, engraving machines HQMOULD offers the best mould manufacturing service. In addition to ensuring the highest manufacturing standards, HQMOULD offers an online tracking system that helps the customers to monitor the entire process.

Different offers available:

The firm also offers CAD/CAM services that help you get a flawless mould. The mould development process consists of various steps. These include product analysis, mould design and mould flow analysis. The final step is the discussion of final design and technique data with the customer.

HQMOULD offers one of the best front bumper moulds. The mould is manually operated It has 1 cavity and the size of the cavity is manufactured according to the sample size. The suitable machine for injection is the2300T injection machine. The mould material used is S45C and can lastup to 150,000 shots. The 9 valve gate hot runner is used for the runner system and the ejector block forms the ejection system.

Make Plastic With Automotive Parts Moulding
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Moulding is the rapidly growing technique to manufacture a complex geometry from metals, heavy metals and plastics. There is no doubt that completing a work with automatic process can be faster than the manual process. This method not only increase the production speed, but also the extent of control, which could be employed in the finishing of the product. Hence, in the moulding industry, employing an automotive parts moulding technique becomes more popular. Let us have an overview of making plastic with plastic injection moulding technique.

Have you ever thought about how the plastic is converted into the useful things, which we use in our routine life? It is not the process that simply includes the melting the plastics and shaping it and cooling it. Of course, moulding a plastic into a particular shape is a more complex process. Plastic injection moulding is the process that is used to mould the plastics. This method is defined as the technique of producing parts that are made of thermosetting plastic as well as thermoplastic by melting and forcing them into moulds and allowing them to cool in order to get the desired objects. This process uses a plunger that serves like a ram or screw to force the materials that are melted into the mould. 

Advantages Of Plastic Injection Moulding

  • The production rate is very high and hence the mass production is highly beneficial
  • This process can be repeated since it includes a high tolerance level
  • Minimizes the labor cost
  • Losses that are resulted in craps are minimal
  • It is possible to use a wide range of materials
  • The products need minimal finishing only

HQMOLUD Manufacturer ought to be absolutely client centered and work in close adaptable association without customers to guarantee a consistent administration to meet and regularly surpass their desires.

Use of Moulds in Automobile Industry to Get the Parts Easily and in Less Cost
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In recent years the demand for Automobiles increased eventually which results in increase in Production of Automobile parts .The plastic is used in the designing of various parts of the automobiles, which are great reasons for weight reduction of the overall automobile. Weight reduction helps in saving energy and are used in bulk to manufacturer the automobiles.

The plastic parts used in the manufacturing of the automobiles are available for moulds in specified design and shape. The mould manufacturing company services are quite popular among automobile manufacturers because:

  • Design Flexibility: It is not a tough job to find the mould makers in the market today, but the job is to find the best suitable plastic mould makers in the market. There are various techniques and processes used to design moulds. Plastic is used to design the moulds because it is highly flexible in nature. It can be easily blended into different design and shapes.
  • Making of several Parts: With the help of mould different auto Parts Mould can be made easily in less time and with less cost involved in it. So the mould helps in saving time and cost involved in the production both.

Expert Team: It is not an easy job to create moulds, so the service provider should be experienced and technical trained to create moulds. The team should have high skilled designers and able to use latest technology software’s to design the moulds perfectly as per the client requirement. To know more on automotive parts moulding visit us at :- HQMould

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